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10 Years Ago Satoshi Nakamoto Vanished

In December 2010, the presumed pseudonymous creator of bitcoin made his last public post to the community, stating, “I’ve moved on to other things. It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyone.”

In Satoshi’s last email correspondence, from 26 of April 2011, addressed to fellow developer Gavin Andresen, Satoshi expressed his concern about how bitcoin is presented in the media. "I wish you wouldn't keep talking about me as a mysterious shadowy figure; the press just turns that into a pirate currency angle," Nakamoto wrote. "Maybe instead make it about the open-source project and give more credit to your dev contributors; it helps motivate them." Since then, Satoshi was never heard from again.

Satoshi's decision to remain nameless and in the shadows was crucial for the success of bitcoin's evolution. It supported the idea and philosophy behind the 'Internet Money,' 'Peer-to-Peer,' & 'Decentralized Finance' concept.

But why did Satoshi decide to vanish at that specific time in history? Why not earlier? Why not later?.
Was there a specific reason at the time, or did he feel that the project was mature enough to take off independently as programmed?.
A few assumptions popped up throughout the years, each logical and can very much provide a reasonable answer. 

Assumption #1. It was planned
Satoshi led things in a meticulous, organized, and calculated manner; the idea of him making a spontaneous decision to bail out is totally out of his character.  

Assumption #2 . Life
If Satoshi was a person, then his decision might have relations to his private life. 

Assumption #3. Fear. PC World Story
On December 10, 2010, PC World magazine published an article about Wikileaks titled: “Could the Wikileaks Scandal Lead to New Virtual Currency?”

Satoshi didn’t appreciate this article one bit and had expressed his concern on the ‘Bitcoin Forum’( the day after, saying: “It would have been nice to get this attention in any other context.  "WikiLeaks has kicked the hornet's nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.” This "undesired heat" could be the trigger that led Satoshi to decide to move on.

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Assumption #4 . Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Satoshi’s final email correspondent was made to fellow developer Gavin Andresen on the 26th of April, 2011, saying: “I wish you wouldn’t keep talking about me as a mysterious shadowy figure; the press turns that into a pirate currency angle. Maybe instead make it about the open-source project and give more credit to your dev contributors; it helps motivate them.”
In Gavin’s response, he updated Satoshi about his plans to accept an invitation to speak at an event hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Satoshi never replied. 

We probably will never know the correct answer to the above asked question. What really took place behind the scenes might unfold in the future at the time and place Satoshi had already planned years ago. 

What Satoshi brought to the world above all is Hope. 

We want to thank Satoshi for executing his belief and desire to create a safe, reliable alternative to the corrupted central banking system and, by doing so, providing the option of financial participation for everyone owning a cell phone + internet connection.